Dezhong is a professional manufacturer and exporter of wire proessed mesh screen conveyor belts in North China. This factory provides strong and flexible metallic mesh conveyor belts for a diversity of applications including but not limited to furnace and metallugy (tempering, quenching, annealing, sintering), food processing (baking, freezing, cooling, packing of biscuits, breads, ice cream, canned foods, etc) , medicine and pharmaceutical industries ( draining, filtering, granular making, powder processing ), building materials and many other industries. The metal mesh conveyor belts are also called screen belt, drying belt, dryer conveyor belt or draining belt when they are used in certain industries.

The conveyor belts are used in assembly lines
for sorting, packing, draining, carrying, transmitting to save labors and cost.

Typical belt structures including woven round wire, interwoven loops, flat wire, wire and straight rods (with or without overlay), chain driven and balanced weave. Some styles are illustrated as below.

Major metals for conveyor belting are stainless steel 302, 304 and 316, also mild steel and galvanized steel. Metal mesh belts are commonly made from strips of steel assembled onto rods.

According to loading and carrying capacities, our conveyer belts are divided into General Purpose, Light Type and Heavy duty. Heavy type woven wire belts with close mesh allows for big loading capacity transport and conveyors. The light type belts like loop wire belts with loose structure and big openings are used for big parts with less weight.

Dezhong also supplies general purpose conveyor belting with galvanized steel wire, hot dipped or electro galvanized at low cost.

The Standard Conveyor Belting Edge Treatment: Standard belt is equipped with clinched edge (except for True 1/2" x 1/2") to prevent mesh shrinkage on the rods, but can also be furnished with button-head welded edges.

Materials Choices:
Standard conveyor belts are made from three common materials: C-1008 low carbon galvanized steel, C-1040/C-1055 high carbon steel and type 304 stainless steel (other materials are available upon request). So choose according to specific applications.

A wide variety of belt sizes are available upon request. Standard duty belts are normally equipped with clinched edge to prevent mesh shrinkage on the rods, but can also be furnished with button-head welded edges.

Uses: Conveyor belts are used in metallurgy, mining, petroleum, food, brewery, beverage, pharmaceutical, glass, ceramics, electronic components, and many other industries, transport machinery and transport online.

  • Typical Functions:
    Canning and food preparation;
    Baking and freezing food;
    Parts cleaning;
    Parts painting and drying;
    Product sorting, assembly and packaging.

Belt conveyor edges Illustration:

Single Loop Edges Double Loop Edges
Single Loop Edges Double Loop Edges

Photos Illustrations of Typical Metal Belt Structures:

Chain Conveyor Belt Illustration   Metal Wire Spiral Strips   Close Mesh V Belt   Straigt Rod Reinforced Heavy Loading Belt   Rhombus Diamond Opening Net   Light Structure Looped Wire Belting Mesh

Chain Driven Conveyor Belt

Chain Belt

Chain belt uses chain drive rod for large and heavy transmission.This chain belt use chain drive rod for large and heavy transmission. It has smooth movement and powerful mesh surface, capable of conveying large and heavy stuff.
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Wire Loop Conveyor Belt

Wire Loop Conveyor Belt

Stainless steel wire looped belt makes a more sanitary conveying solution. Perfect for transporting light and medium weight products in food processing industries. The design features high opening structure, easy cleaning, positive drive without slipping...
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Flat Flex Wire Conveyor Belt

Flat Flex Wire Conveyor Belt

Featuring lightweight, easy handling and quick installation, stainless steel wire belting flax flex type is ideal for breading, battering, cooking, coating, or almost any application from freezing to heat conditions. ... Learn More

Food Grade SS Conveyor Belt

Stainless Steel Conveyor Belt

Stainless steel 304 and 316 food grade conveyor belt allows easy replacement of modular sections if damaged. Internal automatic spray wash can be applied providing 100% belt coverage on the return side.
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Furnace Belt

Furnace Belt

Metal Stainless Steel Conveyer Belt for Furnace
Dezhong supplies furnace belts for conveyers of 28 Meter length, Conveyer width : 450 mm, Conveyer belt thickness: 6 mm, Operating temperature of the furnace : 1000 Deg. Loading on the ss conveyor belt: 10 Pound / Ft. Other specifications available upon request.
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Wire Mesh Baking Belt

Wire Mesh Baking BeltBaking Belt is made of hot dipped zinc coated carbon steel or stainless steel wires (AISI304, 304L, 316 and 316L) and the products are corrosion-proof and fire-proof.  Baking Oven Conveyer Belt, Bake Oven Stainless Steel Belt, Stainless Steel Balanced Weave Bake Belt.
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