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    As special manufacturer of wire proessed mesh beltings, Dezhong provides strong yet flexible conveyor belts for a diversity of applications including but not limited to furnace, food, baking and drainage. Typical belt styles including woven round wire, interwoven loops, flat wire, straight rods (with or without overlay), chain driven and balanced weave.

    Major metals for weaving mesh belting are stainless steel 302, 304 and 316, also mild steel and galvanized steel. Metal mesh belts are commonly made from strips of steel assembled onto rods. The length and width of the belt is made to suit the product and application. Heavy duty woven wire belts with close mesh allows for big loading capacity transport and conveyors. The light type belts like loop wire belts with loose structure and big openings are used for big parts with less weight.

    Mesh conveyors manufactured in Dezhong Factory are used in many industries to move products through process equipment or production lines. We are trying to provide detailed information with photo illustration in our factory site, covering general introduction of each belting listed, features, structures and application fields. Also order helping tips on choosing of special woven type wire mesh belts and belts suitable for special purpose. You are welcome to contact us with your specific requirements.