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  • Honeycomb Ladder Wire Mesh Structure Metal Conveyor Belts for Food Processing with Easy Cleaning and Good Drainage

    General Introduction:

    Honeycomb Belt with its large open area has proved to be extremely popular in the Food Processing industry where ease of cleaning greatly improves hygienic standards. However it can be used in any application where stability and good drainage or air flow is a requirement and is particularly suitable for use in multi-tier conveyors in places where headroom is restricted.

    Application include:
    Stoving, washing, heating cooling, drying or sterilising while transmiting.

    Ladder Belts in Honeycomb Mesh Structure:
    Simple and inexpensive, the Ladder Belt is best suited to carrying large lightweight articles over a narrow conveyor and its design enables positive direct drive onto the crossrods. If smaller items are to be conveyed then a chain link belt can be attached.

    Typical Applications:
    Extensive uses mainly in the Bakery and Confectionery trades.

    We Offer:

    • Food Grade Stainless Steel Honeycomb Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt
    • 1 Inch Deep Honeycomb Flat Strip Conveyor Wire Mesh Belts
    • Honeycomb Flat Wire Converyor Belts

    Easy Cleaned Drainage Belting Mesh
    Food Grade Stainless Steel Honeycomb Wire Conveyor Belt for Cleaning and Carrying

    1 inch deep honeycomb flat strip conveyor wire mesh belts
    1 Inch Deep Honeycomb Flat Strip Conveyor Wire Mesh Belts