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  • Double Rod Reinforced Chain Wire Drainage Belt

    General Introduction: Double Rod Reinforced Chain Link Conveyor Belts  are made from stainless steel, carbon steel, iron chrominum aluminum wire, nickel chromium wire or other alloys. Dezhong supplies high quality stainless steel wire belts including 201,304,316,316L.

    Structures: Pre-formed wire woven.

    Wire diameter:0.9mm-2.8mm
    Pitch:4mm to 19.05mm
    Edge pattern: single loop (most common) and double looped edges for special occasions.

    Rod Reinforced Conveyor Belt can be divided into: screw conveyor belt, "B" shaped conveyor belt, "Well" the word conveyor network, hevron mesh belt. 

    Belt Roll Size:  According to coming drawing, sample or order.

    Features: Rod reinforced belting has good rotation, anti-fracture, oxidation, uniform thickness, smooth operation.

     Uses: Double reinforced conveyor belt has more applications than any other woven wire mesh conveyor belt.  The uses in conveying and draining application are endless. 

    Flat Metal Draining Belt

    Rod Reinforced Weave Belt Balance Type, Double Type

    Materials names Heat resistance Other
    SUS304 750°C Often-used mesh belt
    SUS321 750°C Often-used mesh belt
    SUS316 750°C Corrosion-resistant
    SUS310 1150°C Working steadily in high temperature
    SUS314 1250°C Very good anti-oxdant and heat resistance

    Balanced Reinforced Chain Wire Netting Belt

    Steel Conveying Drainage Belting