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  • Mild Steel and Carbon Steel Conveyor Belt with Hot Dipped galvanized Plating

    General Information:
    Metal belts for conveying and transmissing can be made of Mild steel, low carbon steel or high carbon steel materials. Zinc coating optional for anti-corrosion treatment.

    Structure Type:
    Spiral mesh belt, flat flex mesh belt, balanced weave mehs belt, rhombus mesh belt, honcycomb mesh belt.

    Metal Spiral Belts for Industrial Transmitting

    Carbon steel conveyor belt treated with zinc coating is the economic metal belts for many industrial draining and packing assembly line applications.

    Benefits of Using:
    Open Area - up to 85% open area, most open area in the industry;
    Cleaning - Easy to clean;
    Minimal Contact - open area provides little contact with belt;
    Tight Transfers - Small products to transfer easily;
    Affordable low cost;
    Labor cost saved.

    The steel mesh carrying belt can be composed of round wire or crosswire. The wire is from spring steel, carbon or stainless. It can also be made from flat spirals, wound with the same orientation from round section wire. The spirals are interlaced. The belt has no connecting cross rods and made the square shape mesh approximately. 

    Common weaves applied for steel belting production: Balanced weave, chain drive, chevron weave

    Galvanized Steel Conveyor BeltZinc Plated Steel Mesh Conveyor

    Spiral Mesh Draining Conveyor Belt