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  • Balanced Weave Wire Mesh Conveyor Belts

    General Introduction: As one of the popular metal beltings fitted for conveyors, balanced belt has good positioned crimped rod woven together to form a firm and strong structure. It serves in many food processing applications and in industries ranging from glass, ceramic, and metal working.

    Basic Types:
    Balanced wire mesh belt is available in two basic types: standard balanced weave and double balanced weave. Standard balanced mesh belts (as photos) are made with alternating right and left hand spirals joined by crimped connector rods. It is the most commonly used wire mesh belting due to its range of opening sizes.

    Flat wire metal beltingSpiral Weave Mesh Belt for Conveying

    Double balanced belts (as photos illustration) are similar to balanced weave beltings. The difference is that double balance weave incorporates pairs of right and left hand spirals joined at crimped or straight rods. This construction offers straight tracking and greater strength than a Balanced Weave belt.

    Balanced wire belts are made with flat wire spirals across the belts width and connected with either straight or crimped cross bars. The crossbar edges are either welded or linked. The balanced wire mesh construction offers several advantages.

    double wire mesh beltingStrong Pre-crimped Rod Connected Conveyor Belt
    Double Balanced Wire Conveyor Belting Surface and Structures

    Advantages & Features:
    The balanced belt has deeply pre-crimped connecting rod and the spiral pitches are accurately set in position. Deformation and stretching of belt are reduced to minimum extent. With big mesh opening and firm weaving structure, the balanced conveyor belt can endure considerable load. The spiral rod generally use the upgoing wire of the same size.

    Materials Choice: High Carbon Steel, Galvanized, 304 Stainless steel, 316 Stainless steel, 314 Stainless steel etc.

    Installation and Maintenance:
    The Installation balanced conveyor belts is very easy and maintenance is of low cost.

    SUS 304 Double Balanced Weave Conveyor Belt

    Stainless Steel Balanced Wire Belt for Food Processing

    This Belt is approximately symmetrical spiral weaing, institutional double-helical rod and made a derect rail connection string. Therefor, the mesh belt running smoothly, maintanance splicing is also more convenient.

    The stainless steel wire mesh belt material: SS 201/304/304L/316/316L/310s/314
    Mesh size: AS clients' requests
    Feature: SS 304/316 anti-corrosive, SS 310/314 has hi-temp resistance, anti-oxidation.
    Application: used widly in metallurgy, mechanical industry , high temp heat treatment, automatic transmission lines and large load automatic line, and the glass annealing furnace, elrctronic industry, food industry can be properly used.