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  • Flat Wire Woven Steel Mesh Dryer Belt Conveyor Strips for Parts Carrying, Cleaning and Drying

    General Introduction: Flat wire conveyor belts have two types according to its loading capacity. One is Standard Duty General Purpose flat wire belt, another is Heavy Duty Belt. All flat wire belting offers a smooth conveying surface and a maximum open area for free air flow or water drainage. They are easy to clean and are extremely sanitary, especially when manufactured with high quality clinched edges. Clinched-edge treatment of these belts results in a number of additional user benefits including keeping the transporting stuff from dropping the conveyor belt or from holding by the wires.

    Dezhong Offers following flat mesh belt for drying and transmitting:

    • Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Welded Selvage Flat Wire Belt
    • Heavy Duty Clinched Selvage Flat Wire Belt
    • Standard Duty Flat Conveyor Belt
    • Stainless Steel Standard Duty Flat Wire Belt

    All welded selvage belts over 24 inches in width feature the resistance welding of every other connector rod to the flat strip on the 2nd opening in from each edge of the belt. On true 1/2" x 1/2" mesh belts this weld is on every 3rd connector rod. This provides for greater strength and eliminates belt shrinkage under heavy loads without restricting flexibility of the belt. Upon special request, belts 24" and under can be supplied with internal welds.

    Canning and food preparation.
    Baking and freezing food.
    Parts cleaning.
    Parts painting and drying.

    Standard Flat Conveying and Dryer Belt

    Flat Steel HoneyComb Strip Mesh Conveyor

    Metal Screen Draining Conveyer Belt

    General purpose wire conveyor belts.
    For those places where standard wire belts cannot load, heavy duty flat belt is an alternative.

    Stainless Steel Standard Conveyor Belt Parts Drying Conveyor Belt

    Stainless Steel SUS304 Wire Belt                             Galvanized Steel Conveyor Belts

    Open Mesh Belt for Parts Assembly

    Flat Wire Conveyor Belt Types and Terms for Ordering:

    Material SS304/316 AISI304
    Type: Chain plate belt;
    Spiral mesh belt
    Flat flex mesh belt;
    Balanced weave mesh belt;
    Rhombus mesh belt;
    Honcycomb mesh belt.
    Data of terms to be specified when ordering: Longth*Width
    Spiral pitch
    Wire diameter
    Rod diameter
    Rod pitch 


    Heavy Duty Clinched Selvage Flat Wire Belt

    Light Wire BeltMesh Strip Rolls

    Stainless Steel AISI 304 Type Beltings

    Materials Choice:
    Galvanized Low Carbon Steel (C1015).
    Bright High Carbon Steel (C1045).
    Type 201 Stainless Steel
    Type 304 Stainless Steel.
    Type 316L Stainless Steel.

    Advantages & Features:
    Open mesh construction for quick drainage and free air circulation.
    A smooth, flat surface.
    Sanitary -- easily cleaned.
    Easy replacement of damaged or worn sections.
    Endless splicing.
    Economical versus alternative metal conveyor belts.
    High strength to weight ratio.
    Positive sprocket drive.