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  • Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Belt for Conveyor Fittings Supplied in Rolls and Strips, for Ceramics Printing, Building Materials Manufacture, Food Freezing and Cooling

    General Information of Stainless Steel Metal Conveyor Belts

    Stainless steel wire material is strong and has excellent properties against corrosion and heat in its nature. Conveyor belting made of stainless steel wire mesh structure can be popularly used in ceramics, pharmaceutical industries, food processing (baking, freezing and cooling of bread and others), metallurgy, building materials (roof tile manufacture), glass treating, printing and other industries. Supplied in mesh rolls or belt panels / strips. Major structures applied for ss belts manufacture include V balanced weave, flat flex, chain drival spiral mesh, duplex mesh, looped wire and chevron.

    Mesh Sizes:
    Stainless steel flat wire belting is available in mesh sizes 1/2" X 1/2", 1/2" x 1", and 1" X 1".

    The ss flat belting offers an open construction for quick drainage and air circulation. This design allows for easy cleaning and provides a smooth carrying surface.

    Stainless steel belting brings:
    More sanitary
    Easy cleaning

    Belting Materials:
    Stainless steel 302, 304, 316, etc.

    Stainless steel conveyor belt for cooling, baking of bread, ice cream freezing, food processing:

    Made of stainless steel 304,316, turing rate :1.7-2.2
    Wire diamter:1.6mm,1.5mm, pitch:25.4, 27.43, 31.75mm.

    Wire and Rod Woven Belt Baking Belt

    Belting Structures Photos:

    Structures of SS Mesh Belt

    0.5-2.5 M Width Stainless Steel Metal Conveyor Belts:

    Made of ss wire braid, with a string of deep bending, correct positioning, the wide stainless belts make no deformation belt surface, mainly used in pharmaceuticals and medicine industries. 

    Material: Stainless steel wire, 316,304 steel iron wire

    Weaving: ordinary weaving, reinforced weaving, knitting and other common segmented.

    SS 316 Ice Cream Freezing Conveyor BeltsChain Driven Spiral Mesh Stainless Steel Baking Belt

    SS Mesh Dryer Belt


    Round Wire V Reinforced Balanced Weave Conveyor Belts

    Stainless V and Round Conveyor Belting comes in a variety of hardnesses and colors depending on the materials and edges treatment. It is a kind of stainless steel wire mesh belt in various structures. Round wire conveyor belt can be made with V style reinforcement.

    The Installation of this kind of wire belts is very easy and maintenance is of low cost.

    Major Uses:
    Ceramics Industry
    Roof tile Manufacture
    General Package movement
    Cheese Production
    Plywood Production.


    Round Wire Belts with V Reinforcement

    Stainless Steel Mesh V Style Freezing Conveyor Belts

    Stainless Steel Mesh V Balance Weave Conveyor Belt