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  • Food Grade Metallic Mesh Conveyor Belts for Drying application

    General Information:
    Dezhong supplies good food grade stainless steel wire mesh conveyer belt that will help in application for a product drier. The chain drive belt has a pretty open surface area to support an air knife blowing on top and bottom of chain. This conveyor belt has high lateral stiffness to the belt and allows openings in the frame surface for good air or fluid flow. The food grade conveyor belt allows easy replacement of modular sections if damaged. Internal automatic spray wash can be applied providing 100% belt coverage on the return side. This unobstructed reverse flush through the belt provides the most efficient belt cleansing. Currently our popular design is using a 30 inch air knife mounted at a 30* angle to the belt. The matching belt width requirements are around 24 inches.

    Stainless steel wire mesh supplied in belt form for food processing refers to the woven wire fabric made from first class stainless steel material in SUS/AISI 201, 202, 302, 304, 310, 310S, 316, 316L, etc. Coarse mesh and fine woven mesh can both be made according to requirements.
    Details of Food Grade Fine Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Belt:
    The stainless steel conveyor belt is available in widths from 2" to 12". All product supporting surfaces are round and formed in a single-piece lateral spiral, which imparts high lateral stiffness to the belt and allows openings in the frame surface for air or fluid flow. Available guide rails include UHMW or high temperature UHMW that can withstand part temperatures up to 500°F; stainless steel to handle wash down or part temperatures to 1000°F; optional anodized aluminum Dual “T” Slot Rails are available for attaching accessories.

    Size : 4” wide  x endless 11.5 Meter full length
    Wire Mesh type: 100-300 fine
    Temperature at which it will run: 60 - 700
    Balanced Spiral Wire Belt:

    Width of the belt: 5.250,00 mm
    Pitch of spiral: 8,50 mm
    Distance between cross bars: 16,00 mm
    Diameter of spiral: 3,00 mm x 1,50 mm
    Diameter of cross bar: 3,50 mm
    Welded edge
    Material: 1.4541

    Standard belt width is 1m based on the below mentioned length:

    - 25,00 m
    - 50,00 m
    - 75,00 m
    - 100,00 m

    Balanced Spiral Wire Belt
    Technical details and enclosed photo of the chain for reference: PDF Down load

    Ladder Belts for Food Belting Applications:

    Stoving, washing, heating cooling, drying or sterilising whilst in transit

    Simple and inexpensive, the Ladder Belt is best suited to carrying large lightweight articles over a narrow conveyor and its design enables positive direct drive onto the crossroads. If smaller items are to be conveyed then a chain link belt can be attached.

    The belt are made up of steel strip and rod for heavy load carrying. The flexibility is much better as compared to flat wire made conveyor belt.

    Fine Mesh Oven Furnace Belting