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  • Dryer Chain Link Conveyor Belt

    This type of wire mesh dryer belt is used to go through thermo dryers. High temperature degree dryer applied. Custom size available.

    Material Grades Options:
    The dryer conveyor belt is made of stainless steel 304 or 316 grade material applying to food processing and other high heating process.
    The dryer conveyor belt can be made of 430, 302 or other grades applying to industrial plants drying.

     Dryer Belt Structure
    CHAIN LINK MESH BELT STRUCTURE ILLUSTRATION with Cross Wire, Up and Down Open Space, Plate Thickness and Chain Pitch

    Belt width 620mm and length 20m
    MESH BELT APPLIED FOR INDUSTRIAL DRYER TEMPERATURE 150 degrees and up. Supplied for Peru market.

    Stainless Steel Honeycomb Dryer Belt for Food Processing
    HONEY COMB 304 S S DRYER BELT, 1m width x 7 m length, the chain can withstand 700 kg weight capacity.

    Pitch : 1" x 1" Width : 1000mm
    Patti Size: 1.5 mm Thick X 12.5 mm Width
    Material: stainless steel 304

    430 Grade Stainless Steel Mesh Drying Conveyor Belt Models

    Belt width 300mm( 3 Spiral pitch ):
    Spiral pitch 100mm
    Rod Pitch 7mm
    Wire Diameter:2mm

    Belt Width 440mm( 4 Spiral pitch ):
    Spiral pitch 110mm
    Rod Pitch 7mm
    Wire Diameter:2mm

    Belt width 600mm( 6 Spiral pitch ):
    Spiral pitch 100mm
    Rod Pitch 7mm
    Wire Diameter:2mm