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    Stainless steel and carbon steel of various grades are most popular two categories materials applied for metal conveyor belts production. Other metals including aluminum, titaniums, nickel and other alloys are occasionally used for special purpose and have less application. Stainless steel materials can be 302, 304, 316 series offering different detail properties. Carbon steel materials can be high carbon or low carbon, offering various strength and technical properties also. Carbon steel can also has options of zinc coating of different quantity to enhance its anti corrosion resistance. So choose carefully between the two major metals for your conveying applications.

    Stainless Steel Mesh Conveyor Belt

    Stainless Steel Conveyor Belt

    Stainless steel wire SUS304 and 316 has excellent properties against corrosion and heat in its nature. Conveyor belting made of stainless steel can be popularly used in food processing. Stainless steel flat wire belting offers an open construction for quick drainage and air circulation. This design allows for easy cleaning and provides a smooth carrying surface. Read More

    Steel Metal Belts

    Mild Steel Metal Conveyor Belt

    Carbon steel conveyor belt is made from spring steel, carbon or stainless. It can also be made from flat spirals, wound with the same orientation from round section wire. The spirals are interlaced. The belt has no connecting cross rods and made the square shape mesh approximately. Common weaves: Balanced weave, chain drive, chevron weave. Read More