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  • Conveyor belts cleaning, Maintenance and Checking

    Normally, Stainless Steel Conveyor belts are not rusty. However, if improperly used or maintained, or Conveyor belts work environment is too harsh, there may be rusting. When the steel belt surface appears yellow or orange, this means soon they will get rusty.

    Rust Removing and Daily MaintenanceHow to clean Conveyor belts and maintain it at good condition?










    First check and remove the Conveyor belts. Then confirm the remaining amount of lubricant and lubricant samples. Then wash cleaning conveyor belts through fine and coarse washing.

    Sperm washing, turn slowly in the oil, Conveyor belts shall be conducted carefully.

    Coarse wash, oil or grease used to clear brush and other sticky materials. Belts transit time if the oil belts, pay attention to foreign bodies, such as damage due to rolling surface.

    Often used with a neutral cleaning agents without water diesel or kerosene, sometimes necessary to use warmly. No matter what kind of cleaning agent used, filter should always be kept clean.

    After cleaning, immediately put on anti-rust oil coating or anti-rust grease on the belt.

    Maintenance of metal conveyor belt can extend work time for companies to reduce investment costs, also energy saving.

    Generally, the work temperature of the stainless steel Conveyor belts is 400 ℃, in the case of its service life will not be affected. However, due to different manufacturing processes, different grades stainless steel Conveyor belts has different work life.

    Conveyor belts are used in order to liberate more labor to make jobs easier, so be sure to check carefully when selecting and using conveyor belts.

    Tips to Check the Conveyor Belt from Appearance: Check if the belts have any deformation, cracks, eclipse? Check if the rollers have cracks, damage, excessive wear; Joints are loose or deformed. Check if there are any different sound or abnormal vibration during operation, lubricate the chain in good condition. If anything abnormal is noticed in time and get solved, the conveyor belts can be used for a long service life.