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  • How to properly install conveyor belts

    The conveyor belts shall not be installed to the conveyers too tightly. Following problems may be caused due to improper installation:

    Pressure between the conveyor belts and equipment will increase the degree of wearing;

    Daily maintenance becomes difficult;.

    Deformation of the metal conveyor belts during work.

    If the metal conveyor belts are installted in a tightened condition, the life of the belt and equipment will be greatly reduced, also it will affect the quality of the processing product.

    When stainless steel conveyor belts adjustment is too tight, the conveyor belts and the contact pressure between the larger machines, will easily lead to deformation of stainless steel mesh belt, or even cause the belt geting broken. Or may cause damage to the machine bearings or needle.

    Hence, when installing the conveyor belts to the machines, it shall be adjusted to proper pressure and angle. Not too tight or too loose.

    Installation Illustration