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  • Special shape conveyor belts

    General Introduction:

    Conveyor machines applied for carrying different materials need conveyer belts of various angle size, shape and patterns, openings. The belts can be divided into high, medium and low according to loading capacities. Dezhong offers standard (weaving pattern and belt size) and special metal belts to meet various industrial processing uses. We also supply conveyer belts of special materials besides metal steel and stainless steel, for example, polyester mesh belts.

    Special V Shape Weave Conveyer Mesh Strips:
    Uses: Suitable for ≤ 40 ° angle powder, granular, small pieces of material handling, also transport bagged materials.

    V special draining belt

    Special V Shape Chevron Mesh Conveyor Belt at 120 Angle


    Special Conveyer Belts