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  • Technical Terms of Metal Wire Mesh Conveyor Belts: Structures, Edge Types, Technical Data for Ordering

    General Introduction: Metal Conveyor Belt is made in conformity to the China Standard while international standard can be followed. This page introduces woven wire structures, types, belting edges types, technical terms for defining or ordering a conveyor belt and general applications.

    Woven Wire Structures are illustrated in the photos:

     Belt Woven Wire Structures

    Metal Belt Edges

    Stainless Steel Conveyor Belt Types According to Woven Structures:

    Material SS304/316 AISI304

    Chain plate belt;
    Spiral mesh belt
    Flat flex mesh belt;
    Balanced weave mesh belt;
    Rhombus mesh belt;
    Honcycomb mesh belt;
    Loop wire belt.

    Technical Terms and Data to be Specified for Ordering Metal Belt Conveyers:

    a - pitch(the distance from the centre of cross rod to the centre of cross rod)
    b - rising(the distance from the center of spiral wire to the centre of spiral wire)
    c - diameter of spiral wires or wire loop
    d - diameter of cross rod
    m - mesh(the distance between wires)
    ml - length of end eye
    l - number of cross bars per a pitch
    L - belt length
    S - belt width

    We can make various sizes and styles according to customer requirement.
    Application Information: Dezhong conveyor belts can work in various work conditions for a long time and it is widely used in automatic glass work, petro chemistry fiber, food industry, glass fiber, electric furnace, kiln furnace, machinery, powder metallurgy, purging, reflux welding, metal heat treatment and stoving furnace etc.